Supplemental Educational Services

With support from the United States Department of Education, Supplemental Educational Services are provided to students if a public school is in Program Improvement for more than one year and is also considered a Title 1 school.  

The term "supplemental educational services" refers to free extra academic help, such as tutoring or remediation that is provided to students in subjects including reading, language arts, and math. The extra help can be provided to students before or after school, on weekends, on school breaks or during the summer.  The costs of these services are funded entirely by the student’s school district and are free for parents.

Additionally, SES services can be provided through a variety of different service delivery models. One of these delivery models utilizes online learning.  At WebWise Tutors, we believe that the online learning platform is the best vehicle to provide online tutoring for several reasons:

  1. Today's students are bombarded with hectic and busy schedules that encompass their academic and extracurricular activities. Online tutoring provides scheduling flexibility for our most busy students.
  2. Online tutoring affords parents peace of mind because the tutoring occurs within a student’s home, thereby eliminating the need to transport students to and from a physical location during the busy after-school hours.
  3. Through parent feedback, we have received many positive comments from our parents who either do not drive or who rely on the public transportation system. Online tutoring allows these parents to facilitate their child’s learning without creating an additional transportation burden.

The Philosophy of WebWise Tutors

WebWise Tutors believes that all students should have equal opportunity to a quality education and equal access to the services that are provided to them. WebWise Tutors provides this support through a synchronous online platform which allows students to have direct instruction focused on his or her individual needs.  The technology provided by WebWise Tutors is a child-embraced methodology.

SES Staff

Although the Department of Education does not require that tutors be credentialed teachers, WebWise Tutors only employs teachers who are considered Highly Qualified Teachers under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).  Our tutors are all credentialed in the state in which SES services are delivered.  Additionally, our high school tutors are credentialed in the subject matter they are tutoring. This ensures our students receive the absolute best quality in terms of instruction.  The material is actually taught by a teacher who teaches, rather than an individual who holds a Ph.D. in a specific subject area, but does not know how to teach and impart their expertise in their particular subject area.

Our tutors have been providing support to students with this online platform for an average of 5 years and they are highly skilled in providing tutoring with this methodology. Our staff are also familiar with how the use of technology is being required as part of the Common Core Standard Initiative.

Supplemental Educational Services Provider Status

WebWise Tutors is currently seeking approval as an SES provider in California. The process of applying to other states to be considered an approved SES vendor is currently being undertaken.

To be contacted as to how WebWise Tutors can address your SES needs, please click here.  

WebWise Tutors is a company with 80 years of combined experience in the educational field. Our goal is to empower all students with the tools they need to thrive, not only in their current educational environment, but for years to come.