Gifted Tutoring

Web Wise Tutors' Philosophy

WebWise Tutors understands that gifted students have different needs in how they think and learn. Their mind works differently and they have the ability to see life through a different set of lenses. They may seek to have more clarity through those lenses as compared to their peers. Our company knows it is important to enable and facilitate student learning through a student’s preferred learning style, as opposed to the “one-size-fits-all" teaching approach.

Each child’s mind is wired differently, and it is important to impart this ideology to our students so that they understand how they learn best. We believe this equips all students with a sense of self-awareness that furthers their academic success.

Web Wise Tutors values the needs of all students. We are very enthusiastic in supporting each student by empowering them to reach his or her potential.We provide support in all subject areas for your child. We understand that a gifted student may want to be able to delve deeper into a specific topic or an area of interest. We also understand that they may need support, from time to time, in an area that he or she may be struggling with.

Gifted Program Staff

All tutors that provide support to our Gifted students are considered Highly Qualified Teachers under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Our staff are trained in reaching all students through a variety of techniques. The utilization of an online synchronous modality often fits in with the needs of the gifted population and the use of technology in education is supported by the Common Core Standards Initiative.

Our tutors have been providing support to students virtually on an average of 5 years and they are highly skilled in providing tutoring in this manner as well as supporting the use of technology in a way that is supported by the Common Standard Initiative.

WebWise Tutors, Gifted Students And The Public School System

Many public schools may provide programs for gifted students. These programs are typically identified as "Gifted and Talented Education" (GATE). All schools, however, may not provide GATE programs. Often times, there is a parental responsibility of supporting your child in excelling beyond what the public school system is required to provide.

WebWise Tutors should be your first choice in providing these additional supports to your child. We will work collaboratively with you to design the program that will allow your child to excel.

Services that WebWise Tutors Can Provide To Your Gifted Student:

  • Enrichment in specific areas of student interest
  • Preparation for college entrance exams
  • Preparation for Advanced Placement Tests

To be contacted as to how WebWise Tutors can address your Gifted Child or Twice Exceptional Child’s needs, please click here.

WebWise Tutors is a company with 80 years of combined experience in the educational field. Our goal is to empower all students with the tools they need to thrive, not only in their current educational environment, but for years to come.