K-8 Tutoring

Looking for online tutoring for kids? At WebWise Tutors, we realize the skills and confidence that a child learns in K-8 will set the stage for his or her entire life. We also know that every day your child struggles, he or she slips a little further behind, until suddenly the gap between where your child is and where your child would like to be is so wide that he or she can't help but feel defeated.

Of course, we also realize that online tutoring for kids is not just for remedial purposes. In today's competitive world, you want to give your child every advantage possible.

Either way, we have you covered.

Whether you're a parent or a student, we understand your concerns.

How Do I:

  • Improve test scores and earn higher grades
  • Keep up with the material
  • Overcome test anxiety
  • Improve Self Esteem. Remove doubt. Ease frustration
  • End the nightly homework wars
  • Stop falling behind during summer vacation
  • Become the student I'm capable of becoming

At WebWiseTutors, we offer the support system to address these concerns, reducing your frustration, while ensuring students are on track academically. In other words, we guarantee results.

Our Solutions:

  • Credentialed teachers, who are aligned with the unique educational needs of each student
  • Targeted instruction based on assessment and your child's individual learning needs and goals
  • 1:1 Real time instruction via a student embraced virtual platform that includes voice, audio and live chat
  • Support with the learning and mastery of new skills in all subject areas
  • Time management, organization and study skills to facilitate student success
  • Don’t think online learning for kids can be fun? Think again! We make learning fun
  • WebWise Tutors uses interactive games to teach all subject areas
  • WebWise Tutors allows our students to earn rewards for participation and progress.
  • WebWise Tutors provides access to authentic and realistic virtual experiences.

WebWiseTutors is a company with 80 years of combined experience in the educational field. Our goal is to empower all our students with the tools they need to thrive, not only in their current educational environment, but for years to come.

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