Not All Tutors Are Created Equal.

Which is exactly why...

We use only credentialed teachers as our tutors, and all tutors are also certified by us, thus aligning with the unique educational needs of each student. We believe that quality tutoring must begin with a highly qualified, experienced, state credentialed teacher.

Here is why:

State credentialed teachers meet or exceed federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) teacher guidelines for content mastery and professional teaching status under the Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT) legislation.

Teachers who meet the HQT designation demonstrate aptitude in the following areas: (1) Each teacher possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, (2) each has obtained full state certification or licensure as a teacher, and (3) each teacher has demonstrated content knowledge in the subject areas they teach.
As state credentialed teachers, not only are our tutors familiar with common core standards, state adopted curriculum, and local school district materials, but they understand how to design and individualize learning solutions to support student needs and develop competency and confidence. What this means to students (and parents) is that the teachers at WebWise Tutors are experts in the subjects that they teach, and they are also experienced, professionally trained teachers who are able to design lessons that are aligned with state standards that are tailored to meet unique individual needs.

In addition, all our teachers live and reside the United States, so there is never a worry about a breakdown in communication, time zone concerns, or questions about where your tutor received his or her professional training and certification.

Using credentialed teachers brings safety, confidence, and peace of mind for your child’s protection. All WebWise Tutors go through an in-depth department of justice background check upon hire, and their teaching credentials are checked annually with each issuing state department of education to ensure that their license is unencumbered and that no pending professional actions exist.

In addition, all WebWise tutors undergo a rigorous screening and assessment process before they are invited to a certification training workshop that they must pass before they are scheduled to work one-on-one with students.

Following the required certification workshop, all tutors are mentored and supported by master tutors who provide ongoing guidance and coaching for new tutors to ensure a quality experience for all students. Additionally, all tutor performance is reviewed in an ongoing capacity for quality control and consistency. Annual performance evaluations are conducted on all tutors as an additional layer of quality assurance and recognition. Our tutors are given the same care and support that we believe is necessary to maximize student success and parent satisfaction.  

At WebWise Tutors, we believe that student growth and student achievement is directly linked to the quality instruction provided by our teachers. In fact, we believe that excellent teaching is synonymous with student achievement. Therefore, we place great value in monitoring instructional quality for each and every child so that each session is meaningful and packed with opportunities to increase student self-confidence, subject matter competence, and skill mastery.