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HigherX Academy

Blending Academic Support Services
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Personalized Academic Tutoring For Your Student’s Success

Student Achievement and Retention
Student retention is a concern that all institutions are seeking to resolve. In fact, retention expert, Vincent Tinto, agrees that “institutions struggle and have been unable to translate what we know about student retention into forms of action that lead to substantial gains in the area of student success, retention, and graduation." 2

At WebWise Tutors, we understand that helping student’s transition into post-secondary education is an important step that many universities undertake to support student success. Unfortunately, not all students are as academically prepared to face the rigors of college as we’d like them to be.

There are many factors that make matters even more challenging. We typically know that in order for many underprepared students to continue their academic journey, gaps in basic skills, namely in mathematics and writing, must be addressed early on in their post-secondary journey.

While institutions are doing their best to prepare students for the workforce despite diminishing budgets and limited personnel, the vast number of underprepared students continue to confound educational decision makers about how to resolve the growing skills gap that exists at their institutions.

How We Can Help Your Institution
The WebWise Tutors' Higher X Academy was developed to align with your existing student support and academic processes in a manner that is consistent with your institutional mission and purpose. We seek to augment your teaching and learning model by offering a supplemental academic support system to assist students when and where they need it most.

Of course, in the same way no two students needs are the same, we realize that no two institutions will need the same thing, which is why we offer both individual solutions as well as a comprehensive transition plan—both fully integrated in the fabric of your institutional culture.

Using synchronous modules, facilitated thorough a one-on-one or small group structure, The Higher X Academy develops an ongoing program targeted to the specific needs of the adult learner. While we can customize learning solutions for any of your specialized needs, we primarily focus on the post-secondary field’s two greatest challenges—math and writing.

Kostecki & Bers (2008) believe that tutoring also has the potential to connect students to the institution in ways not considered previously that assist students with “the acquisition of knowledge and skills for success. Moreover, the authors believe that the impact of tutoring will “link a student with someone who cares” about his or her success through a personalized approach 1

Our Writing and Math Academy Promise

Our Writing and Math Academies offer personalized approaches that integrate student centered teaching strategies, increased engagement with learning materials, and practical application of what is being taught in manners that underpin effective pedagogical teaching practices. Through our high accountability support modules, our goal is to sharpen skill development, while increasing student confidence.

The HigherX Math Academy     The HigherX Writing Academy

HigherX: Math Academy

Integrated with your institutional academic structure

Beginning with fundamental and foundational concepts, our program will work in conjunction with existing coursework to help students progress through important concepts, make connections to curriculum, and demonstrate success on expected learning outcomes.

HigherX: Writing Academy

Integrated with your institutional academic structure

Our Higher X Writing Academy is built upon the principles of good writing, including the writing process, voice, audience, tone, mechanics, parts of speech, content, and organization of ideas. Beginning with the essential components that make up good writing, services provided in the Higher X Writing Academy will be customized from the course syllabus so that all supplemental support is designed to help students meet the rigors of their assignments and important course benchmark writing assignments.

"Not only does tutoring assist students with academic success, but it links them to people who care, and this connection makes them feel at home, comfortable, and confident." 1


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