It's your child. Of course, it's personal.

The truth is, online or not, learning is a personal business. Certainly, successful tutoring requires expertise and skill. But, it also takes personality, passion and a respect for the individual.

At WebWiseTutors we realize that no two students are alike, which is why a one-size-fits-all tutoring plan will not work for all students. Effective, results oriented tutoring needs to be as adaptable and dynamic as the students they aim to serve.

We pride ourselves on customizing our services to the needs of each individual student, which is why we’ve developed our own personalized approach to meet your child’s needs.

What does this look like? We're glad you asked.

Our Tutoring Strategy Is Simple Math.

Respect for The Individual

Each student is assigned a student advisor and a personal coach. This ensures not only a primary point of contact, but continuity in monitoring the goals you aim to achieve.

All Integrated+ Tutoring Programs begin with a standardized assessment, which helps us understand exactly where your student is academically, thus driving the instructional design for each student.

All our assessments use a variety of data points to assess students' strengths and weaknesses (report cards/essays/progress reports)

As we are committed to knowing your student beyond an “academic snapshot,” we collect information on registration that shows hobbies and personal interests. This not only makes it more personal, but allows us to cater to your child’s unique needs.


Demand For Quality

All students are assigned a credentialed tutor, who must have also passed a certification/training workshop. Following the required certification workshop, all tutors are mentored and supported by master tutors, and all tutor performance is reviewed in an ongoing capacity for quality control and consistency. Annual performance evaluations are conducted as an additional layer of quality control and recognition.

In the event any student does not “click” with his/her tutor, we will immediately set you up with an alternative choice. You don’t work around us. We work around you.

Our “quality assurance team” continues to monitor and report the ongoing progress of each student until results are matched.

Our commitment to the students growth doesn’t end when the tutoring session ends. We offer our students (and their parents) Customized Resource Centers, where we provide entertaining and educational information to make learning a little easier.


= Results You Can Count On

Of course, the only thing you really need to know is this:
We want your child to succeed, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it happens.